Michiel de Jongh joins Lucent BioSciences board of directors

Lucent Biosciences is delighted to announce Michiel de Jongh as a member of our board of directors. Seasoned at cultivating ag-tech innovation Michiel brings executive expertise, passion, and leadership to our organization.

“Michiel de Jongh brings many years of executive level global Ag expertise to our company. With his experience and contribution, we believe we can make an important impact with Lucent BioSciences on how food is grown at scale in a regenerative, sustainable and climate positive way”. – Michael Riedijk, President and CEO of Lucent BioSciences.

Michiel is a global presence on our board; he has lived in Argentina, Canada, Korea, Spain, Ukraine, Switzerland, Netherlands and the USA. His former roles include president of Monsanto Canada and Global Head of Seedcare at Syngenta. Michiel has a M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

“Agriculture needs technology to deliver a more sustainable food and feed production. Growers I met around the world are genuinely looking to nurture their farms to build a sustainable business and hand it over to the next generation. Lucent Biosciences fits right into this and has a fantastic proposition: focus on delivering yield and quality traits, while using sustainable delivery mechanisms. And while doing so contributing to making agricultural more circular and producing less waste.” – Michiel de Jongh, Board of Directors Lucent BioSciences

Michiel will work closely with our leadership team and impart strategic direction as we strive for solution-focused innovation that empowers the future of agriculture. We have no doubts that Michiel will help steer us towards a sustainable future.