Randall Barker Joins Lucent BioSciences Board Of Directors

Lucent BioSciences is excited to announce the appointment of Randall Barker to our board of directors. With more than 25 years of experience in agriculture and business Barker is a passionate global leader that nourishes farmer and ag-tech collaboration. 

“My vision for Ag is harnessing the power of innovation” says Barker, “but I also believe that it is the farmers themselves that have extraordinary amounts of knowledge on how things work. My vision is to harness the power of the farmer and invent with them”

Prior to joining Lucent BioSciences Barker was the managing director for FarmLink, he has held multiple leadership roles at Monsanto (now Bayer), was VP of Crop Protection for Monsanto Canada, and was the Business Director for Agricore United. Currently he is the CEO and co-founder of IN10T (“intent”) Inc.

“Randy has decades of experience bringing novel agriculture products to the market by closely working with the farmer community. His deep understanding of the end user, his network of innovative farmers and experience with successful market introductions makes him a valuable contributor to our team.” 

Michael Riedijk, President and CEO of Lucent BioSciences.

It is not just Barker's accomplishments in ag-tech and expertise in customer adoption that make him an asset to our board of directors but his compassion, positivity and passion.  

“I've worked in over 35 countries around the world with farms that are the biggest I've ever seen, where they have a million acres or more to someone that has an acre or a half-acre and their resilience and ingenuity to adapt is extraordinary.”

Randall Barker, Board of Directors Lucent BioSciences.

With experience in both the corporate world and the land of start-ups Barker will help our executive team to navigate the farmer experience, enrich our commercialization strategy and cultivate innovation for sustainable agriculture.