Jason McNamee: Envisioning Sustainable Ag

At the intersection of innovation and commitment, you'll find Jason McNamee—the Chief Operating Officer of Lucent BioSciences and the General Manager for AGT Soileos

Jason’s roots run deep in the heartland of Saskatchewan, a province known for its fertile soil and thriving agricultural industry. Growing up surrounded by the province's rich agricultural heritage, Jason developed a profound connection to the land, igniting his fervour for pioneering agricultural innovation.

Driven by this passion, Jason has positioned himself at the forefront of redefining the landscape of crop nutrition and sustainable agri-food systems. He understands that the future of agriculture lies in finding innovative solutions that nourish crops, protect the environment, and promote long-term sustainability.

Jason is actively steering the agri-food industry towards sustainability through eco-friendly tech, reduced chemical reliance, and active contributions to developing and implementing innovative solutions. One such solution is Soileos.

Soileos: Redefining Crop Nutrition

Soileos, Lucent Bio's flagship product brought to scale in collaboration with AGT Foods, is a significant leap forward in sustainable crop nutrition. This nutrient solution comes from an innovative manufacturing process that upcycles cellulose-rich co-products from agriculture and food processing into a powerful farming asset.

"At the core of Soileos is its ability to provide nutrition precisely when and where the plants need it," explains Jason. "It's not just about feeding crops; it's about nurturing them with tailored, bioavailable nutrients."



Practicality Meets Excellence

In modern agriculture, practicality is paramount, and Soileos understands this. Carefully designed, Soileos remains stable in the soil, increasing nutrient bioavailability to the crop while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

Soileos boasts a low salt index and pH indifference, making it compatible with a variety of soil types and cropping systems. Seamlessly integrating into existing fertilizer blends, eliminating the need for complex adjustments or excess equipment.

More than a fertilizer, Soileos goes beyond seasonal and crop boundaries. Its versatility extends to a wide range of crops, including soybeans, corn, pulses, wheat, and canola. Whether it's spring or fall, Soileos delivers consistent results without the risk of nutrient tie-up,  loss, or leaching.

"Growers need practical solutions that work across different conditions," says Jason. "Soileos offers that flexibility without compromising on performance."


Inaugurating the Soileos Plant in Rosetown, Saskatchewan: A Milestone of Commitment

The inauguration of the Soileos Plant in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, is a remarkable milestone. Jason played a pivotal role in orchestrating its launch and operation, promising innovative, eco-friendly, and transformative farming solutions. Scaling Soileos production supports not just individual farmers but entire communities through its circular economy model.

Join the Sustainable Agriculture Movement

Jason McNamee's dedication to sustainable agriculture and Lucent Bio's commitment to innovation has paved the way for a greener, more sustainable future in farming, food production and circular economies/Ag communities. Together, we are rewriting the narrative of crop nutrition and sustainable food production practices.

"As I see it," Jason emphasizes, "the future of agriculture hinges on our ability to embrace innovation and sustainability while allowing capitalism a seat at the table. Soileos is just the beginning."

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