Kyle Scott Joins Lucent BioSciences Board of Directors

Lucent is pleased to announce the appointment of Kyle Scott to our board of directors. Kyle has a background in management consulting and investing from Angel to Venture Capital to Private Equity. He recently became the managing director for Conexus Venture Capital & Emmertech. Emmertech is an Ag-Tech fund built with an industry first approach, with investors being some of Canada’s most innovative farmers, agribusiness owners and agricultural centered financial institutions. 

“I spent most of my time with McKinsey & Company helping clients think five, ten, twenty years forward and developing concrete roadmaps for how to achieve their goals. In VC and Private Equity you get a lot more “hands-on” with financial structuring and partnership development.”

Kyle Scott, Board of Directors Lucent BioSciences.

Climate and environmental investing requires a balance between decarbonization in the real world and generating returns for investors. Emmertech was a part of the most recent round of funding for Lucent BioSciences. Kyle’s vested interest in Lucent will benefit not only Lucent but his investors as well by helping Lucent grow as a company with strategy, finance, and partnerships development. 

“At Emmertech, we actively look for new technologies that help our agriculture ecosystem increase yields and decrease waste. Lucent hits the intersection of both. Most importantly, we became enamored with the team's vision to show farmers can increase yield while playing a critical role in helping combat climate change. We are excited to see this team bring exciting, sustainable products to the market.” 

Kyle Scott, Board of Directors Lucent BioSciences.

Kyle Scott joins Randy Barker, and Michiel de Jong, on Lucent BioSciences Board of Directors. Lucent is committed to creating a dynamic board with expertise in agribusiness, experience in various backgrounds and varied networks. 

Developing products in the agtech space is crucial for solving problems in all aspects of agriculture systems and curating alternatives that are more effective than existing solutions. The need for food security and sustainable development has increased enthusiasm for the sector. Investor backing in innovation and technology in agriculture is more optimistic and important than ever. Kyle will be impactful in this regard and we are happy to have him on the team.