Soileos Support Team: Local Roots, Global Impact

Soileos is more than a product. It's a manifestation of Western Canada's resilience and our agricultural community's relentless spirit. Soileos is a made-in-Saskatchewan, homegrown product created specifically for our Western Canadian growers. This sentiment resonates strongly within each team member, uniting us in our collective pursuit of a common goal.

From the rolling landscapes of the Prairies, brimming with golden grains, to the robust spirit of the people inhabiting it, our community's strength is unmistakable. This strength is mirrored in our dedication to standing with and for farmers, a commitment embodied in the Soileos family.

In this light, we introduce Ahnastasia, one of our crop nutrition specialists. A familiar and trusted face amongst growers and retailers, Ahnastasia brings a wealth of insight and unwavering dedication to our collective vision.

Meet Ahnastasia, a passionate advocate for agricultural progress and a dedicated member of our community.

When asked about her favourite aspect of Soileos, Ahnastasia doesn’t hesitate to emphasize her admiration that Soileos is a homegrown product. "Soileos is a testament to the relentless spirit of our local agricultural community," she says. "Being a part of Soileos means being a part of something larger, a movement that supports the community we belong to."

At Soileos, we wholeheartedly echo this sentiment. Our commitment to Western Canada and its agriculture is at the heart of our business model—ingrained in our DNA. Saskatchewan's culture has always emphasized the importance of building a resilient and innovative community, and we believe that innovation is critical to fostering prosperous and sustainable communities across the province.

We recognize that Saskatchewan farmers have long been at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, driving advancements that benefit not only local farmers but society worldwide. For instance, Saskatchewan innovators developed groundbreaking air seeding technology, revolutionizing farming practices globally by minimizing tillage and improving soil carbon and health. Canola, a quintessential Saskatchewan innovation, has become a staple crop with significant economic and nutritional value.

Moreover, developing a market for pulse crops in Saskatchewan has allowed farmers to transition to a more diverse crop rotation, and enhancing overall productivity. Saskatchewan's dedication to continuous improvement extends to fostering an innovative ecosystem, by supporting value-added technologies like Soileos. Our locally developed products offer effective solutions that improve yields, soil health and contribute to carbon sequestration.

At Soileos, we take pride in our role within this ecosystem, supporting Western Canadian growers with our SK-made, sustainable, granular micronutrient products. By tailoring our offerings to the unique needs of our region, we aim to empower farmers and contribute to a healthier and more productive agriculture ecosystem. Our commitment to local innovation aligns with Saskatchewan's rich tradition of fostering resilient communities and driving agricultural advancements worldwide.

(Check out this interview from Founder Jason McNamee as he talks about innovation in Saskatchewan at COP 27.)

Our unwavering mission is to support the local growers who form the backbone of our community and redefine the boundaries of sustainable agriculture worldwide.

The birth of Soileos results from our love for our land and community and our belief in sustainable agriculture. Right here at home, in Western Canada, is where our story began, where our roots remain firmly planted, and where we continue to write new chapters in the story of agriculture.

With a steadfast focus on the needs of our retail and grower audiences, we continuously work towards enhancing our product's unique features and benefits. Manufactured right in Saskatchewan, Soileos offers an easy-to-use suite of nutrition products designed specifically with your needs in mind.

Soileos is a grower’s ally, a growth partner dedicated to improving your farming operations' efficiency and longevity. Created from local growers' pea, lentil, and oat hulls, our product stands unique in the market—proven, profitable, and low-risk. With Soileos, you're not just adopting another product; you're embracing a promising future—an innovative, sustainable, and profitable future.

As we look ahead, we are excited about the journey we're embarking on together. We're not just talking about Soileos Zinc; we have much more in store, including new nutrient solutions with guaranteed results aimed at improving yields, increasing soil health and performance, and sequestering carbon—all to meet the evolving needs of Western Canadian Farmers.

We invite you to join us in breaking away from traditional conventions, to embrace innovation, and to secure a profitable future. After all, Soileos is prairie strong, just like you.

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