Soileos Support Team: Nurturing Excellence in Ag

In the heart of Manitoba's agricultural landscape, among the golden fields and boundless horizons, you'll find Jarret Geisel—an integral part of the Soileos Support team, playing a pivotal role in the advancement of agricultural excellence. With his wealth of experience and dedication to the industry, Jarret brings a unique perspective to the world of crop nutrition.

Jarret's journey in agriculture spans over a decade, accumulating a vast array of knowledge and expertise. Currently residing near Gladstone, MB, he excels in his role as a Crop Nutrition Specialist while actively farming. Jarret enjoys watching Soileos perform in crop trials, and on his own farm.  His experience and curiosity has provided him an intimate understanding of how Soileos is able to support the needs of Manitoba growers.

As a Crop Nutrition Specialist, Jarret is a beacon of guidance and support, Providing valuable insights and recommendations on agronomy and crop nutrition products to the agricultural community. His background in ag-retail, seed, and crop nutrition makes him a valuable resource for anyone seeking advice on optimizing crop performance.

Jarret's passion for the agricultural industry is matched only by his dedication to delivering crop nutrition that improves yields and soil health while sequestering carbon with Soileos. 

"Being able to easily add Soileos into my farming practices has been an exciting opportunity for me, allowing me to have firsthand experience in my field, providing benefit not just to the crop, but also to the soil." says Jarret Geisel, "The ease of use that Soileos offers has seamlessly integrated into my operations.  Ensuring that nurturing my crops, and my farm legacy becomes a practical reality, not just a goal."

Soileos stands out as an easy-to-use and differentiated suite of nutrition products tailored specifically to the needs of farmers. 

At the core of Soileos' uniqueness lies its ability to deliver nutrition in perfect harmony with plant and rhizosphere development through microbial mineralization. This ensures that crops receive precisely what they need when they need it, maximizing their growth potential. By focusing on tailored nutrient solutions, Soileos empowers farmers to achieve optimal results in their fields.

The benefits don't stop there. 

“Soileos goes beyond crop nutrition, championing the improvement of soil health by increasing nutrient cycling and sequestering carbon. With Soileos, farmers can nurture their soil, fostering a sustainable and productive ecosystem for future generations,” said Jarret Geisel.

When it comes to ease of use, Soileos takes the crown. With a low salt index—only ¼ that of zinc sulphate—Soileos minimizes the risk of harmful effects on crops. Furthermore, its pH agnosticity ensures bioavailability across all pH levels, allowing growers to achieve consistent results regardless of soil acidity or alkalinity.

Practicality is paramount in modern agriculture, and Soileos understands this. It seamlessly integrates into fertilizer blends, eliminating the need for cumbersome extra loads. Its dry granular form blends effortlessly, shares the same bulk density as other fertilizers, and flows smoothly—no stickiness or clumping. Soileos even rides well in saddle tanks, providing an option for different fertility programs.

Seed safety is a top priority, and Soileos provides peace of mind. It can be applied directly into the seed row, allowing for seamless integration without compromising germination or plant health. Additionally, Soileos can be applied in both spring and fall, offering flexibility without the risk of leaching, nutrient loss, or unavailability.

The versatility of Soileos extends to a wide range of crops, including corn, wheat, soybean, pulses, and canola. Soileos is an easy-to-use solution that provides top nutrition for robust growth and exceptional yields regardless of the crop.

Man's best friend and farming partners are never too far away from Jarret and are sometimes found chilling in the truck. These furry partners capture the essence of companionship that defines the farm life –  In the world of soil and sense, they remind us that farming is as much about connections as it is about cultivation. To learn more or connect with Jarret, click the button below.


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