Soileos Support Team: Nuturing Growth

Step into the world of sustainable agriculture with Gerald Reeves as he takes the helm of our US Sales team. With farming ingrained in his veins from an early age, Gerald brings a deep understanding of the land and a passion for optimizing crop growth. As a proud farmer and advocate for responsible agriculture, Gerald is here to champion Soileos technology and its transformative impact on farms across the nation.

Growing Up on the Farm: A Heritage of Care75d23fe2-235c-4a27-ad61-6d5d0f11378f

Gerald's roots run deep in the world of farming, having been raised on a family row crop farm that nurtured corn, soybeans, oats and even housed 5000 hogs and a few calves each year.

His connection to the land was forged by his father's words of wisdom: "If you take care of the land, the land will take care of you." These early lessons instilled a sense of responsibility and stewardship that became the cornerstone of Gerald's journey in agriculture.

Passion, Perseverance, and Optimism in Farming

The farming life is marked by its challenges, yet farmers like Gerald embody an unwavering optimism that looks beyond the hurdles and toward the next planting season. A profound desire to nurture crops for optimal returns drives him forward. While Mother Nature may throw curveballs, Gerald's passion for learning and adapting has led him to explore innovative solutions that can amplify farming success.

Soileos: The Catalyst for Transformation

In 2022, on his NW Iowa farm, Gerald witnessed a remarkable 5.8 bushel yield increase with Soileos. This breakthrough opened his eyes to the untapped potential of his fertilization program. Intrigued by Soileos' unique approach, he delved deeper, discovering a product that's unlike any other. This revelation led him to the role of US Sales Manager at Lucent BioSciences, driven by the belief that Soileos can change farming practices for the better.

"This increase was phenomenal and showed me that my fertilization program could be improved." says Gerald, "I began to dig into Soileos and discovered that it is a one of a kind - unique product leading me to the opportunity to take on the role as US Sales Manager for Lucent BioSciences."


A Future Rooted in Tradition and Innovation

Gerald's journey and deep-rooted understanding of farming perfectly align with Soileos' mission. With a commitment to nurturing the land and optimizing crop growth, Soileos harnesses the power of soil health and nutrient optimization to revitalize farming practices while safeguarding the environment.

With Gerald's wealth of knowledge and valuable perspectives, Soileos presents an unparalleled solution that surpasses conventional fertilization techniques. By incorporating Soileos into their fertilization programs, farmers can experience a transformative shift in their farming practices. The innovative technology behind Soileos increases yields and promotes healthier and more resilient crops. 

Back to the Roots: Cultivating Change with Gerald and SoileosIMG-1494

Gerald's commitment to sustainable agriculture and his confidence in the impact of Soileos position him as a valuable voice. With his insights and proficiency, farming communities everywhere can unlock their fields' full promise, boost productivity, and foster a more environmentally-conscious future.

Join Gerald Reeves on a journey that pays homage to the roots of agriculture while embracing innovation.

He's here to help you tap into the full potential of your fields, maximize yields, and ensure a sustainable future.

Curious to know more about how Soileos can transform your farming experience? Connect with Gerald and embark on a path that honours tradition, fosters growth, and unlocks the true potential of your land. Together, let's cultivate a greener, more prosperous tomorrow.

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