Soileos—Sustainable Product Design

When designing sustainable products, innovators like Lucent Bio consider environmental, social, and economic impacts throughout the entire lifecycle of a product. This is what makes our product Soileos so special.

Lucent Bio has developed a clean manufacturing process that upcycles agriculture and food processing cellulose-rich co-products into a sustainable source of crop nutrients.



Soileos has been formulated to be stable in the soil, increase nutrient bioavailability, and minimize negative environmental stresses such as groundwater pollution. It is positioned to replace less effective and polluting fertilizers with non-polluting, sustainable alternatives that increase yields; improve crop nutrient density and flavor; improve soil health, and increase soil carbon levels.


Innovation at Lucent Bio focuses on:

  1. How we can make better use of resources;
  2. How we can put more money into farmers' pockets while helping them maintain healthy soils;
  3. And how we can strengthen sustainable development in the agri-food sector.

Check out our new whitepaper Lucent Bio & A Circular Future to learn how we are leading the way with a circular economic model.  

Lucent Bio creates an avenue for the agri-food community to enhance their environmental stewardship, improve their resource management, and become leaders in regenerative agriculture. Our tech is made to support farmers all around the world to help them be more profitable and contribute to climate change mitigation.

The science behind Soileos and our patents are material-based and any cellulose-rich co or by-product can be used to make Soileos. This means we are able to use mostly local resources to produce a local product - wherever local happens to be.  Picture5Increased resource efficiency is a major trait of the Circular Economy model. Our technology optimizes how co-products are used. For example, before Lucent Bio, our partner AGT Foods sent their pulse fiber to be used as an ingredient in pet and livestock food— Lucent Bio’s use for the pulse fiber is a better option because more value is created through making Soileos!

Lucent Bio is tackling nutrient management by optimizing product efficiency and integrating environmental protection at every step of the way - from conception to commercial manufacturing.

 Upcoming Events

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Thursday - May 26 at 10 a.m. (CST)

Your invited to join The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Protein Industries Canada
for an announcement between AGT Food and Ingredients and Lucent Bio on the next phase of an exciting collaboration between the organizations.

Presenting at the ACS Green Chemistry Institute - June 8th  

Chief Science Officer Farahnaz Nour Mohammadian, Ph.D. will be presenting Soileos in the session on Sustainable Agriculture Practices and Product Design. Follow along as we live tweet, connect virtually, or meet us there if you are in the area!

Ag In Motion at Discovery Farm Langham, SK - July 19-21  

Come say hi to the team at our demonstration plot The Lucent Bio-Activation Station and see Soileos in action!