Unlocking the Secrets of Early Crop Emergence

Today, we invite you to join us as we explore the science behind Soileos and early crop emergence. Dig into the mode of action that drives it forward, and watch it grow together!

Early crop emergence is pivotal, setting the stage for a successful growing season ahead. It's a delicate dance between soil health, seed quality, and environmental conditions, where every decision made by growers can significantly impact the outcome.

1To better understand what's happening beneath the surface, let's begin by exploring the science behind Soileos. Developed by a team of researchers, agronomists and soil scientists, Soileos is a breakthrough in micronutrient management. Unlike traditional fertilizers that rely on chemical reactions to release nutrients, Soileos utilizes a patented bio-activated release technology. a unique approach that delivers nutrients precisely when crops need them most. By binding micronutrients—like zinc, iron, and manganese—to cellulose and leveraging the soil’s natural biological activity, Soileos ensures a steady and controlled release of nutrients throughout the growing season. 

Micronutrients catalyze essential biochemical princesses within the plant, facilitating optimal growth and development. Soileos’ interaction with native soil microbiota enhances nutrient availability by breaking down organic matter and releasing bound nutrients into forms that plants can readily absorb. This relationship creates a nutrient-rich environment, laying the foundation for healthy early crop emergence. Learn more in our mode of action whitepaper.

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This bio-activated release is synchronized with the plant’s growth stages, allowing for optimal nutrient uptake during critical periods such as germination, root development, and early vegetative growth. The presence of native soil microbes plays a crucial role in this process, as they interact with Soileos, contributing to nutrient cycling and aiding in nutrient uptake by the crops to support healthy crop emergence and robust growth.

2This collaboration between Soileos and the soil microbiome exemplifies the innovative approach behind this product and its commitment to climate-smart agrifood systems. By harnessing the power of science and nature, we ensure that crops receive the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

Understanding the Mode of Action (MOA) behind Soileos is key to unlocking its full potential in promoting early crop emergence. Our Mode of Action video (Link below!) provides a visual guide to how Soileos works at the microscopic level, illustrating the intricate processes that drive nutrient release and uptake in plants. To gain a deeper understanding of Soileos’ mechanisms and how it benefits crops, watch here:

Now that we have explored what's going on below the ground, lets sit back and Watch It Grow!

Thank you for following along as we uncovered the science behind Soileos and its ability to support early crop emergence Let’s continue cultivating a future where sustainable agriculture thrives. Watch the video and join us #Watch It Grow