We are Watching It Grow

As the spring of 2024 unfolds, we eagerly anticipate another season of field trials and agricultural innovation. We're gearing up for what promises to be a year of growth, discovery, and innovation. Today, we'll take you behind the scenes to unveil our trials across Canada and the US. So we can Watch It Grow together!

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. At Soileos, we're embracing the season with enthusiasm and determination. With each new season comes new opportunities to innovate and improve. We're excited to see what the spring of 2024 has in store for us.

Our team has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming field trials, carefully selecting trial locations and making the necessary preparations. From the rolling hills of the Midwest to the fertile prairies and the Great Plains, our trials span diverse regions, each with its own unique climate and soil conditions.


Image: Soileos Trial Locations

But it's not just the locations that make our trials so special – it's the approach we take. We partner with research organizations to conduct both small plot research and large strip trials, allowing us to thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness of our products. Small plot research provides us with controlled, small-scale environments where we can test different treatments with precision, minimizing variability and background noise. Additionally, large strip trials offer a real-world perspective, allowing us to assess the practical impact of our products across larger areas of farmland. Together, these approaches give us a clearer picture of the true effects of our products on crop growth and yield.

Truck photoOur trials encompass a wide range of experiments tailored to meet the diverse needs of growers across North America. With 61 testing sites spread across the region, evaluating performance in various crops.  We are looking to answer the "tough questions". These trials and the work behind them represent our ongoing commitment to innovation and climate-smart agri-food systems. Through rigorous testing and experimentation, we aim to develop solutions that enhance crop productivity and promote soil health for people everywhere.


We invite you to join us #Watch It Grow. Follow along as we share updates from our trials, insights from our team, and stories from the field. Together, we can cultivate a climate-smart future for agriculture and watch our crops – and our planet – thrive.