A Week With The Chief Science Officer

Farahnaz (Farah) Nourmohammadian, is a founder and the Chief Science Officer at Lucent Bio. She is a Professor of Chemistry and Material Scientist with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. She is also the mastermind and architect behind our technology. She brings so much passion to her work and never backs down from a challenge - like creating a new composition of matter!

Last week I had the privilege of accompanying her as she traveled to Washington DC to give a presentation at the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference.

Dr. Nourmohammadian's research and development over the last 7 years enabled Lucent Bio to create a novel proprietary technology for sustainable bioactive crop nutrition. AKA - Soileos®. A cellulose-based technology that aims to replace conventional fertilizer products such as oxysulphates or synthetic chelates like EDTA. 


Watching Dr. Nourmohammadian speak about the green chemistry behind our products is like witnessing a mother talk about their child. You can observe how she nurtured Soileos® through its many life stages into a viable commercial product and you can't help but smile as you behold her passion. Fellow chemists at this conference appreciated the nuances and delicate tweaking that it to for Soileos® to become Soileos®.

This was distinct from my usual tradeshow/expo lead-oriented experience and allowed me to appreciate our tech on a new level. The nerd level. 

Nerding out with the good doctor and her peers this last week highlighted some lesser-known aspects of Lucent Bio that I wanted to share:

Because Dr. Nourmohammadian is a leader in our start-up company, she has been able to create a work environment that advocates for women in STEM by striving for equal representation, putting people first, and ultimately being a role model for all the female researchers not only at our company but among her students as well. Farah makes sure to set future leaders up for success by building professional relationships that are collaborative and supportive. Such as encouraging female students to apply for co-op positions within our company. She empowers and encourages us to push the boundaries of possibility with her kindness and can-do attitude.


The ease at which she says “yes I can do that” to an impossible task astonishes and impresses all her colleagues and sets a standard for innovation in the industry.

One of the keynote speakers, Dr. John C. Warner, at this conference emphasized that green chemistry is the base for sustainable innovation and that chemists have an obligation not only to step up but to collaborate across industries and think outside the box to solve our world's greatest problems. 

Our workflow starts with Research and Development and Dr. Nourmohammadianis the chemist that designs concept products into solutions for sustainable development. Because of this tech our company is a high-growth start-up that has now scaled to commercial production.

Helping us achieve our mission to accelerate sustainable agriculture by delivering crop nutrition that improves yield and soil health and sequesters carbon.

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