Lucent Bio—A Circular Bio-Based Business Model

We need our food system to provide sufficient healthy, accessible food for
everyone. But how does the Agri-food sector get there in a circular way?

Lucent Bio adopts a holistic management approach that regenerates the value of utilized resources, support climate action plans, and expedite new regulations and policy.

Circular Policy:

The European Union’s (EU) Green Deal—an economic growth strategy that will  ambitiously cut greenhouse gas emissions, to investing in cutting-edge research and innovation, to preserving Europe’s natural environment. This initiative seeks to transform Europe into the first climate neutral continent by 2050.

Canada is not as far along the path to a circular economy as is the EU but has taken some recent steps.

First, it hosted the World Circular Economy Forum in 2021, the first time the WCEF has been held in North America. In 2020, Environment and Climate Change Canada asked the Canadian Council of Academies (CCA) to “examine the potential economic, environmental, and social impacts of advancing a circular economy in Canada.”

The CCA released its report, “Turning Point”, in late 2021. One of the Panel’s recommendations was for Canada to strive to achieve circular agriculture.

“The interconnected infrastructure of food systems makes this sector particularly suited to a CE, not only because CE principles are highly applicable to food waste but because food systems readily lend themselves to a framework focusing on communities and relationships.” - Canadian Council of Academies


Lucent Bio’s flagship product—Soileos®—boosts nutrient density in crops,
regenerates soil, does not pollute agro-ecosystems, and is a part of the circular
economy. Soileos® upcycles food processing co-products into bioactive nutrients
that then create the next harvest.

Lucent Bio’s business model builds resilience between companies in the agri-food sector by regenerating and reevaluating how agricultural co-products are used. Support from Protein Industries Canada streamlined the industrial symbiosis based connection between Lucent Bio with global companies like AGT Food and Ingredients.

By reframing low value food processing co-products into a higher value resource, we create more value and an avenue for growers to improve their ROI at the same time as lead the transformation of agriculture to sustainability.

Benefits of Soileos

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